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October is Coming

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I can’t believe my first lazy month has gone by so fast

.Image It’s only a week now until I start a BeachBody/Clean Eating hybrid challenge. I go into more detail in my next post. For now, let’s examine the MankoFit habits that have stuck with me for an entire month.

  • I’m still trying to eat 5-6 meals a day.
  • Because I lack creativity with food (and I’m lazy) much of what I eat has stayed the same, too. I only put 3 strawberries in my morning smoothie, now, and I still eat eggs + egg whites, oatmeal, and peanut butter on either a rice cake or Ezekiel bread as meals.
  • I no longer crave pizza crust. I donno why.
  • My chocolate/candy consumption has decreased significantly.

I’ve been trying to give my hip flexor a good long rest to heal, so while I’ve wanted to revisit Manko’s workouts, I’ve mainly been limited to non-squat weights and upper body. In short, workouts have been scarce and boring. I’m looking forward to starting one of the BeachBody videos.


Sweet Freedom

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At Midnight on August 30th, I ate a pop tart. Verdict: pretty good.

The next day I ate a slice of pizza: terrible.

Then mac and cheese: undercooked

Pappa John’s Pizza: About what you’d expect, but I didn’t want the crust.

Later pizza from delicious family-owned Italian restaurant: delicious. Still no desire for crust.

Days later: A Twix: I almost quit halfway through. Then I remembered I paid $1 for it.

When I got home from the con, I went to the grocery store, convinced I was going to buy all of the delicious things I had been unable to eat. What did I get that wasn’t on Manko’s list? Almond milk and protein bars. I even finally found Ezekiel Bread (after the challenge, of course) and bought some.

The day after the challenge ended, I stretched on the hotel patio, climbed 14 flights of stairs, and walked countless miles. Since the challenge, I haven’t walked under three miles.

Maybe the Manko lifestyle will fit better than I initially thought.

MankoFit Results

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7lb weight loss (2lbs off of hypothesis): My fat loss ended up being 10lbs, which was cut by a 3lb muscle gain.

-1in.: I saw a one inch decrease in all of my measurements except my ass, which stayed the exact same size throughout the experiment.

+5% FTR (3% off of hypothesis): Surprisingly, I saw a 5% increase in my overall fitness.  (I’m using the President’s Challenge Adult Fitness Test.) This is surprising because I exercised pretty extensively before MankoFit, and because I saw the most changes due to the change in diet.

More on the MankoFit results and my time so far off of the diet, tomorrow. 

Mankofit Day 21: Back on the Wagon

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Totals: 1285 143 54 69
Your Daily Goal: 1,280 – 1,630 144 – 265 28 – 63 60 – 143

Not too long after I posted my last post (about being sick) Kells contacted me. She was both concerned about my health as well as the idea of my giving up on MankoFit. (Never fear, Kells. I ain’t no quitter!) We talked about my symptoms and decided that a crucial element of my diet was out of whack. I reviewed my diet before and after I got sick, and there was one crucial thing missing: fruit. After restarting my fruit intake, I feel much better. Amy’s convinced I had scurvy.


MankoFit Day 21 Challenge

From the sound of Manko’s post it sounded like I was supposed to choose two of these (one from each category) to do, but forget that! I did ’em all. From running stairs and bleachers for Manko’s workout instead of a stairmaster, none of her workouts phase me anymore. I highly recommend it.

When my body kindly asked me to stop

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. I’ve been having stomach troubles.


It’s entirely digestive and no one I know is sick, right now. It would appear that my body is in full MankoFit rebellion. I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else. People have gotten sick once they stopped eating clean, but not during. Between asparagus, beans, tofu, and eggs, nothing is too difficult to digest, either. Yet lo and behold, the past three mornings I’ve woken up not feeling particularly well.

So far I’ve still managed to do my workouts and stick to the diet (though not to the calorie count, I don’t think). But cardio is not happening today, unfortunately.

MankoFit Day 15

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Totals: 1214 208 28 45
Your Daily Goal: 1,280 – 1,630 144 – 265 28 – 63 60 – 143

Workout: 2 mile run, 1 mile stair master, 1.2 mile elliptical, 2.8 mile walk, then Cardio 1.6 mile walk

I ran out of exercise minutes too quickly, today. It might have had something to do with my molasses paced run (15min miles). On the bright side, I took 10mins off of my mile stair.

I’m thinking about starting a written missed exercise bank, so I can pull exercises that I missed earlier in the challenge on days when I haven’t reached my 1.5hr maximum.

Good idea or no? What do you do when you have more workouts than time?

MankoFit Day 14

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Totals: 1385 181 46 71
Your Daily Goal: 1,280 – 1,630 144 – 265 28 – 63 60 – 143


MankoFit Day 14 Challenge

This was another lazy workout. I did through the bench dips then I completed the rest the next day.