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Unconscious Healthy Eating

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One of the things I really love about the Jawbone UP is the food tracker.

Between the barcode scan option, the local restaurant menus listed, and the manual food type in, the app makes it incredibly easy to track food. But my favorite part is the food score.

Sometimes I’m a very healthy eater and sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to worry about it. I know, it’s terrible, but when I have 20mins to get out of the house, there’s no waiting on veggies to steam or stove top cooking. Sometimes the trip to the store for fresh fruits and veggies just has to wait.

Meet Jawbone’s food score.
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Jawbone assigns and color and a number to everything you consume. As you add the things you’ve eaten, your overall food score for the day goes up or down and a bar graph charts your calorie intake, letting you know how many more calories you can eat in a day. Your max calories also changes with the amount of working out you do. Not only is this helping me up my calorie intake, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve chosen a slightly healthier food option because I didn’t want to mess up my score.

Of course it doesn’t beat consciously healthy eating, but it does help a little bit on those weeks when you get into a pattern of eating pizza for every meal.

Day 3 of Knee Injury

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I should be recovered by tomorrow and I can jump back on this Ayurvedic Challenge.

Since I started this challenge, I’ve gotten sick 4 times, injured myself twice, and gone through periods in which I’ve been losing more hair that I should.

I’m starting to believe that this challenge isn’t as healthy as it claims to be.

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I deeply fear sneezing while oil pulling.

My First Up Summary

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Weekly Summary
Sep 8 – Sep 14
Last sync: Sep 15, 5:08pm
Carina, here’s your week by the numbers…
Check out last week’s sleep and step averages. Keep living UP to see your progress next week. Track at least three days of steps to receive your weekly summary each Monday.
You got the most sleep
8​ h 34​ m
This week’s average sleep

You hit your goal
3 times
Establish your nighttime rhythm to have a smoother day…
The first step to a good night’s sleep? Bedtime routine. Hit your pillow at the same time every night to support your body’s natural rhythm and help it fight daytime fatigue.
Your best day of steps
18,210 steps
This week’s average steps
11,306 steps/day

You hit your goal
4 times
Idle watch
You were most idle

3​ pm – 4​ pm

Total distance
36.2 miles
When it comes to your health, think small…
Do your body a world of good by starting with the small stuff. Try walking during phone calls, hitting the hay 30m earlier or skipping the soda at lunch.

It looks a bit better in the original e-mail. I’m relatively pleased with this summary. I wish it made some mention of my food score and calories consumed. Also, the time is way off. I may not always hit the Ayurvedic Challenge bedtime of 9:30, but I don’t stay up until 3:30. Think of all the things I would accomplish if I did.

Look what I got!

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photo (28)An Up by Jawbone. Already addicted. I’ll update more, later.


Double Up Food Bucks

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As a Social Work masters student, sometimes my passion for social justice collides with my interest in health experimentation. See Nutrition, the environment, and poverty: Let’s talk! over on Grist. It’s about a great pilot program launched in Michigan that doubles the reach of SNAP money spent at local farmers markets. So if a low-income resident spent $10 SNAP money at the farmers market, he or she would get $20 worth of produce (as opposed to $10 worth of ramen at Wal-mart). 

It’s a fascinating article, complete with charts on a program that I really hope catches on.

Andy Dwyer wants you to be Inspired

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Went to a yoga class at my gym today instead of doing a video at home. Even with the instructor running late and the class being cut short, the workout was 10x better than my normal workout.

So I guess this is just my reminder to get my (your? our) ass[es] out the door.

If Fitness Blogs were Dating Profiles…

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Hi! I’m Alex.
I enjoy smoothies, cardio workouts, and dance. I’m from Chicago, and just like you, I’m on a journey.


My name is TK. I’m a 24 year old student living in Johannesburg, South Africa. And I have made the decision to fight for my health and my well-being. Current Stats: 52kg – 167cm. Questions covered on the FAQ page will be ignored. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed trainer or nutritionist. Everything I post is from personal experience 🙂 I hope you enjoy my blog! :)|


20, Minnesota. 6’3 190 lbs. Getting better everyday! Like to read. I follow too many shows to list thanks to Netflix. Post fitness related things (most of the time).

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